Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner studied Film and Media Sciences, Pedagogy and French (M.A.) in Germany, Italy, France and Canada. In 2011, she started postgraduate fictional and non-fictional directing classes at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. She currently works as a freelance filmmaker developing her own documentary and fictional projects.
She is co-author for the award-winning documentary Out of the Darkness (2011, 82 Min., FBW Prädikat "Besonders wertvoll”), which was her first feature documentary shot in extreme conditions. Currently Lisa is working on a short documentary “Der Expressmann” which portrays a newspaper deliverer in Cologne.


Location: Germany/Nordrhein-Westfalen/Cologne


Der Expressmann / The Paperman Bilal
Documentary 2012, 15 min. in postproduction
written and directed by Lisa Wagner

The Next Level
Fiction 2010, 10 min.
written and directed by Lisa Wagner
based on „Ein höherer Level“ performance, Frank Mertens

Out of the Darkness – Der Weg ins Licht
Documentary 2011, 81 min.
written by Stefano Levi and Lisa Wagner
directed by Stefano Levi

The Drama Group Experience
Documantary, 20 min. 2008
written and directed by Lisa Wagner

further work experience (selection)

Ton Dokumentarfilm CROP von Johanna Domke und Marouan Omara, Ägypten, KHM
2. Regieassistenz Kinofilm DIE ABSEITSFALLE von Stefan Hering, Ester.Reglin Filmproduktion,
Tonassistenz Kurzfilm DIE UNTERFÜHRUNG von Sebastian Binder, KHM
Tonsassistenz Kurzfilm PROMENADE von Laleh Barzegar, KHM
Tonassistenz Kurzfilm DIZZY’S PUB von Sophie Reyer, KHM
Ton Kurzdokumentarfilm AZIN’S NÄHKÄSTCHEN (AT) von Verena Seibt, KHM
Ton Kurzfilm AMEISENSCHWÄNE von Bele Albrecht

Regieassistenz, Co-Autorin, Kino-Dokumentarfilm OUT OF THE DARKNESS
(81 Min.) von Stefano Levi, Koproduktion Kubny & Schnell Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Nepal