Carla B. Guttmann

Keptinsight is an independent production company based in Berlin. Our mission is to develop intelligent, creative, and noble characterizations of women in film. We aim to create a counter culture in which women are not exclusively celebrated for their sexual power but defined by their artistic, moral, scientific, and philanthropic contributions to society. A celebration of gender and diversity is crucial for a progressive society. Keptinsight's mission is to fill this void with candor.


Location: Germany/Berlin/Berlin


Director & Writer's Filmography:

• Rita: the trailer (2 minutes, HD, fiction, 2010)
• Making Heart Of Fire (45 minutes, DV CAM, documentary, 2008)
• Making Heart Of Fire, for television (28 minutes, DV CAM, documentary, 2009)
• Hel, (new title Crossing Paths,18 minutes, Mini DV, fiction, collaborative film, 2006)
• The Double Woman (12 minutes, Beta SX, fiction, 2005)
• Invisible (4 minutes, Mini DV, documentary, 2005)
• Le Sablier (4 minutes, Mini DV, fiction, 2002)
• Love's Shadow (5 minutes, Mini DV, 16mm, fiction, 2001)
• Passages (17 minutes, Mini DV, fiction, 1999)


Carla B. Guttmann, Director & Writer

Carla B. Guttmann is a native of Montréal, Canada and a graduate from Brown University (BA, 1993, Phi Beta Kappa). She received her Master of Fine Arts in Media Design from the Bauhaus University in Weimar (2010). Ms. Guttmann has experience in the Canadian and German film industries as a director, script consultant, editor, and instructor at Studio XX, a media center for women. Since her move to Germany in 2004, she directed the award winning film “The Double Woman,” the collaborative feature “HEL” produced by the Kölner Filmhaus and Focal, and the documentary “Making Heart of Fire” for TV60 Filmproduktion. The latter was broadcast on the Bayerischen Rundfunk in 2009. She founded Keptinsight in 2006 to promote strong women’s roles in film internationally.


Currently at my company Keptinsight, we are developing 'Sacred Berries' a magic realist film on breast implants based in New York City, as well as three other features with pioneering roles for women.

In the summer of 2012, we will additionally launch our online store with DVD's, art, books, and fashion also created by female cultural pioneers.


• National Competition for Women Cinematographers, Int'l Women’s Film Festival
Cologne/Dortmund, Making Heart Of Fire nominated best documentary camera 2009
• Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) development grant for Rita, 2008.
• Visual Innovation Award, International Festival of Cinema and Technology, nomination for The Double Woman 2007.
• Ohio Independent Film Festival, Best Short Film Award, The Double Woman 2006
• AG-Kurzfilm travel grant for The Double Woman 2006.
•Le Fonds de Recherche Sur La Nature et Les Technologies Grant (FQRNT), for one filmmaker in Quebec to pursue her/his MFA degree abroad, 2004.
• Filmmaker’s Assistance Program Grant (FAP) given by the National Film Board of Canada, for the post-production of Love’s Shadow, 2001.
• Grant from Le Conseil Des Arts et Lettres du Québec (CALQ), funding for the research of my first feature Rita, 2001.